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About Us and Our Marketing Principles

Your Problem - Solved ...

We Solve Problems - Because we actually HEAR You!

We bring media inspiration to your idea or product. We are one of America's most experienced interactive media development firms.

We create your Message ...YOUR "Story" in the language of the current delivery systems for efficient Communication.


We have been doing this for decades, and we are accustomed to changing and emerging technologies.


REMEMBER though, delivery systems, are NOT your Message. Do not be fooled by slick Systems Developers. Communication is much more than delivery!

We consult with and LISTEN to YOU. We then present you with THE efficient Communication Plan built just for your "Story". THIS is how your Company growth is jump started! Of course we write, design, program, and produce all the Communications if you wish, and we produce them FOR specific delivery Systems. Included in the short list are PR, Social Networking, Market Research, Web 3 Sites, Web Video, Broadcast Video, animation, CD-ROM, DVD, and motion graphics. We provide creative and media management for interactive solutions from inception to receiving by the target audience.

We deliver Communication Jump Start solutions for B2B, ad agencies, promotion departments, marketing firms, media companies, and technology companies. Most importantly, we may fit within your future. IF we do, we will both agree.

What is our philosophy?

We use only the artists or developers that you need. Don't pay for a large company's overhead. This cost-benefit strategy has allowed us to work efficiently with those efficiency minded firms seeking professional Communication consultation / production / delivery.

Leverage your Investment in Communications!

The way that is done NOW is through multiple media. You need to deliver on time and on budget. What about the new project? Shrinking budget, bigger goals, more stress. We know the drill.

Your business is tougher than ever and you need to count on experience when the going gets tough.