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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What do you do to grow businesses ?
  2. What tools do you provide ?
  3. Why should we talk to you ?
  4. Who have you provided solutions for ?
  5. How do we start ?
  6. What Are Your Fees ?

What do you do to grow businesses?

[Whatever is necessary to make it happen. You will not find such a Tool Set elsewhere.]

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What tools do you provide ?

[With a background in Fortune 500 marketing and media control, as well as psychological sales training, we train sales staffs, generate original print campaigns in all methods of distribution; we produce seminars, we do documentaries, Speech writing, TV & radio commercial campaigns, interactive high tech web sites, high lead-generating/direct-response campaigns, and many more applications. Remember, all of the Tool Sets are tailored to one specific "Story" - YOURS!]

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Why should we talk to you ?

[We will not waste your time & it won't cost you anything. We'll give you a free consultation ...the first time. And might learn something.]

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Who have you provided solutions for ?

[We have helped develop the rebate structure for General Electric which allowed them to warehouse manufactured goods in customer's warehouses rather than GE's.

We helped originate the Bell and Howell communications program for recruiting future technologists while they are still in prep school.
We grow market share for GM models in the Midwest over a two decades. We measurably providing most efficient media message for Snapper Lawn Care dealers throughout the country.
We created workable Media management for large Furniture distribution over more than 100 markets simultaneously.
We Implemented fund raising Messages for multiple 501c3 organizations which had not previously succeeded in establishing public presence and growth.
We establishing growing network of dealers and consultants for Sony Broadcast Products in the Midwest US which had previously not existed or had not been enjoying proper market share.]

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How do we start ?

[Contact us (use the Contact Page - & the Response Form, if you wish). We'll get started - No Charge]

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What are your fees ?

[We are your new Marketing Consultants. We'll work out what fits for you - even payments over time. ]

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  • You feel like your advertising & marketing money is being thrown "down the rat hole"
  • We get that a lot:
    • Media and Creative folks are self-interested. They do not "hear" your story well.
    • We regularly listen to and then explain back to owners and boards what THEY have been trying to SAY!
    • We translate your company "Story" into the language of effective Media for ANY Audience, whether it be public or internal and totally secure:
      • Believe us when we tell you that we get it. We understand that creative types and sales types and engineering types do not understand your company story the same way every time. WE GET IT. WE FIX IT!
    • Use only the artists/developers that you need. Don't pay for large overhead.
    • Cost-benefit strategy has allowed us to work efficiently with those efficiency minded firms seeking professional Video/multimedia consultation / production.
    • We host studios in Chicago and Rockford. We are the Source for New Media Control.
  • "The media" and ad agencies are not working.
  • We are consultants. When necessary we control the media
  • We have been providing marketing growth solutions for over 45 yrs, markets all over the country
  • In reality, as Consultants, with a technology center for marketing consultation, we're basically problem solvers.
  • Your business is tougher than ever! Count on effective experience!
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