Services of Associated Media

How Associated Media Delivers Services



Service Process - Associated Media

The Beginning

       The initial Consultation
After review of our qualifications, this phase establishes the need to be fulfilled in light of your company philosophy … explore the scope of the concerns, the depth of the problem that needs to be resolved ...and the potential solutions …along with the budget intended and target date of completion. At this point the Letter of Intent is signed to determine timing of next phase and gives us permission to prepare for that meeting with the necessary research.

       The Pre-Production Discussion
Allows discussion with the principle players involved …review the foundational issues previously discussed …including exploring the depth of possible solutions …how each project phase can be completed …which media-solution should be engaged …methods used to measure effectiveness …how long each phase is anticipated to take …count costs …and enter into a contract arrangement with deposits in place.


Communication Creation

        The Production Discussion
Follows market and product/service research, and establishes locations for video and photographic acquisitions, as well as sample web site image (any or all may be applicable) …the choice of talent …review and acceptance of concept.

        Video and/or Photo acquisition and Web Sampling
The process during the actual day/days of video and/or photo shooting as well as applicable web applications and/or training modules.


Jump Start Begins

        The Actual Realization of YOUR New Marketing Jump Start !
Processes the assembling of all acquired elements into finished Communications Discussion of possible “change orders” and their associated costs are made at this juncture.

        Final Presentation
“Unveils” the completed Communications in it’s various and pre-determined formats …with personal copies …signing off on the acceptance of this final product …with conclusive discussion of copies, dubs, and digital clones. Final pay-out of the project’s unpaid balance is made here.